Work Belts

We use leather from two different USA tanneries, Herman Oak and Wickett & Craig, for our work belt line. There is a stitched and non-stitched choice for each of the leather we use. A sturdy 100% USA made buckle is applied to each of these belts. There is sure to be a choice for everybody in our work belt line. 

Wickett & Craig Heavy Harness leather with a weight of 11-13 oz is our personal favorite for the work belt line. Worn everyday by our founder, JR Wenger, Wickett & Craig Harness is a tough leather that also has a very classy look to it. Strength combined with a soft comfortable feel make this a go to choice for a work belt. These are made to be put to the test for the toughest of jobs. 

Herman Oak Old World Harness is the heaviest and strongest leather, we offer in belts, coming in at 14 oz. Herman Oak Old World Harness has been the choice of leather for the most demanding applications for over 100 years. This leather will hold up in the toughest of elements while still providing that smooth hand feel. The perfect choice for someone who is working in harsh environments and conditions. 

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